DEBTVISION successful on the market in 2018

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Focus on borrowers and investors – DEBTVISION successful on the market in 2018

  • Successful founding year for digital platform DEBTVISION
  • 11 borrowers and over 100 investors onboarded
  • Christoph Steinbrich, DEBTVISION GmbH: „Our platform approach and flexibility are very well received.“
  • Alexander Höptner, Börse Stuttgart GmbH: „Not an exclusive LBBW platform but open to borrowers, investors and external third parties.“

DEBTVISION can look back on a successful founding year in establishing a track record of exclusive and parallel marketed transactions. To date, 11 borrowers from various sectors in Germany, Austria and Switzerland have been onboarded on the platform. At times, up to five parallel Schuldschein transactions were marketed on the platform. The Schuldschein transactions carried out via DEBTVISION are backed by well-known companies such as BayWa, Grenke Finance, Müller Holding, Freenet, SES, the Swiss-based Valora Group, the Austrian AMAG Austria Metall and KfW from the financial sector. The various transactions demonstrate the broad spectrum of marketing formats that DEBTVISION can offer. In addition to exclusive and parallel marketing with and without an arranger bank, transactions were also accompanied by several arrangers, as is customary in the Schuldschein market. For example, AMAG Austria Metall’s Schuldschein transaction was supported not only by LBBW but also by Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI) as arranger directly on the DEBTVISION platform.

„Our platform approach has been very well received by both companies and investors. With up to five Schuldschein transactions on DEBTVISION, which are being marketed in parallel, it is clear that companies appreciate the high degree of flexibility and freedom of decision in combination with a powerful and cost-effective distribution arm,“ says Christoph Steinbrich, Managing Director of DEBTVISION GmbH. The platform enables customers to carry out independently marketed or arrangement-accompanied transactions. This flexibility and openness is also consistently continued in the marketing form, whether exclusively via DEBTVISION or in parallel with several arrangers. In any case, the customer retains full decision-making sovereignty in the selection of his external advisors (arrangers, lawyers) according to his needs.

Alexander Höptner, CEO of Börse Stuttgart, explains: „DEBTVISION is not an exclusive LBBW platform, but is also open to external arrangers and consultants. The borrowers can flexibly decide whether, how much and which support they need.“ Access to the DEBTVISION platform will continue to be restricted to companies with good to very good credit ratings and professional investors. In addition, the DEBTVISION team, experienced in the capital market, checks the formal quality of each transaction prior to the start of marketing or, in the case of a transaction accompanied by an arranger, the quality is additionally ensured by the arranger.

The distribution network of the DEBTVISION platform already comprises over 100 onboarded, fully underwritable and active Schuldschein investors. The investor base is made up of savings banks, cooperative banks, commercial banks and insurance companies, as is customary in the Schuldschein market. “Our continuously growing investor base will be the focus of our activities in 2019. In 2018, we took a major step forward here. This also confirms our DEBTVISION approach on the investor side,” says Christoph Steinbrich. In addition to the further expansion of the distribution arm in order to increase the performance of the platform, the focus in 2019 will be on the integration of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and the further development of new functionalities that offer customers added value.

DEBTVISION is a joint subsidiary of LBBW and Börse Stuttgart. Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Stuttgart, the company operates the digital marketplace of the same name for Schuldschein loans. The Managing Director of DEBTVISION is Christoph Steinbrich, an experienced and in the market acknowledged Schuldschein expert.

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