Association of German Credit Platforms welcomes DEBTVISION as new member

The Association of German Credit Platforms (VdK) has with immediate effect accepted DEBTVISION GmbH as an Associate Member. Founded in June 2018 by Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW) and the Börse Stuttgart, the company has developed into a major European marketplace for Schuldscheindarlehen.

Dürr AG issues another sustainability Schuldschein loan with 0.9% interest rate

Dürr AG has successfully issued another sustainability-oriented Schuldschein loan to the tune of € 115 million. As was the case with the sustainability Schuldschein loan issued last year (€ 200 million), the interest rate is linked to the Dürr Group’s sustainability rating. With an average interest rate of 0.9%, Dürr AG was once again able to secure attractive terms for the new Schuldschein loan, despite the conditions in capital markets having recently become more challenging amid the coronavirus crisis.

Schuldschein. Digital. End-to-End.

The digitalisation of the Schuldschein marketing process was only the first step in digitalizing the complete Schuldschein process. With the focus on process efficiency, the second step is now to digitalize the currently paper-based documentation processes in the settlement. How this works and what benefits the digital settlement process offers is explained in the following.

Porsche has placed a green Schuldschein

With a volume of one billion euros, Porsche AG has issued the largest green Schuldschein ever. As part of its digitization strategy, Porsche has also accompanied the marketing via the digital platform “Debtvision”.