DEBTVISION as a digital platform efficiently connects creditworthy companies with professional investors in a direct way.
With DEBTVISION borrowers can control the entire marketing and transaction process. Investors get direct access to all relevant documents and information. Highly experienced Schuldschein and capital markets experts look after the platform and keep improving DEBTVISION with new functionalities. Therefor DEBTVISION provides a unique combination of a digital platform and Experts with reduced fees compared to a classical arrangement.

Who can use DEBTVISION?

DEBTVISION is an open B2B platform for borrowers (corporates, financial, institutions and public administrations), professional investors and arranger. We focus on a high level of professionality regarding our participants on the platform. The circle of users is limited to legal entities that run through a careful validation process. You ask yourself rather you are potentially able to participate on DEBTVISION? Contact our onboarding team via  service@debtvision.de.

What makes DEBTVISION special regarding other Schuldschein platforms?

DEBTVISION is the digital, innovative marketplace for borrowers and investors. Borrowers receive full control, transparency and decision-making authority on our platform. Therefor borrowers can independently decide whether they want to mandate a dedicated arranger for certain tasks or not at all. The Schuldschein and capital markets experienced DEBTVISION team supports borrowers with the control of the entire marketing process and acts a central point of contact for all parties. The combination of a professional and capital markets experienced team, a neutral platform and focus towards borrowers and investors make DEBTVISION unique.

Which products can be marketed via DEBTVISION?

We currently offer a digital marketplace for Schuldschein transactions and registered bonds. We are continuously improving our platform and work on offering you new ways of investing in or market other products.

How secure is DEBTVISION?

The data storage and processing only tasks place in highly secured datacentres in the EU. Of course, they meet all requirements from European supervisors for datacentres. Furthermore, we orient ourselves on highest standards regarding it-security, data security and compliance of the financial industry. And of course we fulfil all data security standards regarding EU-GDPR.


DEBTVISION is a joint venture between Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW) and Börse Stuttgart. Therefor we can assure that you will find a professional, capital markets experienced partner in DEBTVISION that will understand and fulfil your needs and requirements. Nevertheless, we provide a high innovative force, speed and neutrality due to our independence and small team of experts. So, we can entirely focus on the borrower’s and investor’s needs. Get to know our team by visiting the “about us” tab.

Do I need an arranger by my side when I want to use DEBTVISION?

A core essential in our doing is to fulfil needs and requirements from borrowers and investors. Therefor we align our functionalities and added values to all of our customers. Borrowers for example are able to decide independently from a financial institution whether to market their Schuldschein on their own or with the support of an arranger. The scope of added arranger services can be individually agreed on between borrower and arranger.
Partial marketing of a Schuldschein transaction net to the classical solution is also possible with DEBTVISION. Please contact the DEBTVISION service team to get further information.

How do I get access to the DEBTVISION platform?

The only way to get access to the DEBTVISION platform is by using the registration form and agreeing on the data protection and the terms of use. After your successful registration on our website, we check your entered data to maintain a high quality on the platform. You receive your login data after successful validation via email.

What are the technical requirements to use the DEBTVISION platform?

DEBTVISION is a web-based platform. Therefor a browser and an internet connection are enough to use the platform. There are no other technical requirements for the usage of the platform. We currently recommend the use of Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

What base of investors can you access through the platform for your Schuldschein transaction?

On DEBTVISION you can find a huge variety of experienced investors including Landesbanks, savings, cooperative banks, commercial banks, insurance and pension funds. Borrower can select investors individually or as a group to promote their transaction to. Geographically investors on DEBTVISION are located in the D/A/CH region however there are also registered investors from all over Europe.

Who can I address my questions during transaction phase to?

Whether you are supported by an arranger or not, you can always contact the team of Schuldschein experts over at DEBTVISION. We support borrowers and investors before, after and throughout the entire lifecycle of a transaction. The DEBTVISION markets team is the central point of contact for all parties. Furthermore, we offer efficient ways of communication on our platform where you can for example ask direct questions to the DEBTVISION markets team or a borrower. This is how DEBTVISION connects borrowers and investors in an efficient and direct way.