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Pulse generator of digitalization

As an initiator and partner, we offer the savings banks a wide range of solutions to meet the challenges of today’s financial world

The digitalization is changing market conditions with unprecedented speed. Anyone who is not able to constantly develop and offer new solutions will soon be left behind. However, many technical innovations require resources that individual savings banks cannot afford. This is where LBBW comes in as a partner and innovation driver within the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe. Years ago, we defined digitization as one of our four strategic thrusts alongside the areas of business focus, sustainability, and agility. Today, the savings banks therefore benefit from a large number of innovative solutions that we helped to initiate and that noticeably simplify processes in everyday business.

Schuldschein market 2.0
One of these solutions is DEBTVISION. The platform was founded in 2018 as a joint venture between LBBW and the Stuttgart stock exchange. To date, more than 50 Schuldschein transactions have already been marketed via the platform. With DEBTVISION, the Landesbank offers borrowers, investors and arranging banks the possibility to carry out Schuldschein transactions simply, efficiently and digitally. The marketplace considerably accelerates the process of finding investors. This is because the digital Schuldschein platform connects borrowers directly with more than 300 professional investors – around half of these are savings banks. And they use the platform intensively: savings banks have already submitted more than 600 underwriting requests on DEBTVISION and have invested a high triple-digit million euro amount.

The concept of the digital marketplace also ensures that borrowers have the greatest possible freedom in terms of the support they receive: borrowers themselves decide whether or not they want advice from a bank. In addition, they decide which bank they would like to consult and how large the scope of advice should be. DEBTVISION also ensures maximum transparency of orders and investments, and this is well received by the savings banks. Via the platform, they can directly access all relevant information and documents. Savings banks also use DEBTVISION to manage their subscription requests and contact borrowers and arrangers directly if they have any questions.

This concept works: In the past one and a half years, investors have placed more than 1,300 orders for the Schuldscheine of borrowers such as Porsche, ZF, Schott, Fraport or the state of Baden-Württemberg on DEBTVISION. The firm orders for Schuldscheine and registered bonds in the same period have a volume of 2.5 billion euros.

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