Positive feedback for the new Schuldschein process from LBBW and DEBTVISION

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Positive feedback for the new Schuldschein process from LBBW and DEBTVISION

Our partnership with Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW) is yielding positive results: Currently, 90% of Schuldschein investors are utilizing and engaging with our digital platform. LBBW’s clients praise the improved user experience and the efficiency gains in their own processes. The partnership demonstrates that digitalization offers numerous opportunities.

Digital transformation is at the heart of the collaboration between LBBW and DEBTVISION. Specifically, the focus is on digitizing customer processes in Schuldscheindarlehen (SSD). The stated goal is to modernize and streamline the processes surrounding this popular form of financing for companies.

However, customer engagement must not suffer, as the close guidance provided by the bank remains crucial for both borrowers and investors. “Since 2022, DEBTVISION has been the exclusive digital customer interface in LBBW’s SSD process, continuously developing the technology and processes based on this foundation,” says Managing Director Christoph Steinbrich. This benefits all parties involved. “Digital solutions are now standard in the Schuldschein business. That’s why Debtvision is essential for us. As a market leader, we aim to be at the forefront technologically for our customers,” says Marcus Offenhuber, Head of Debt Capital Markets & Securitization.

Since LBBW fully integrated DEBTVISION as digital component in its Schuldschein process, more than 350 transactions by LBBW customers with over 13,000 individual investments are managed on the DEBTVISION platform. Additionally, almost the entire network of over 1,000 investors is connected. Managing Director Christoph Steinbrich states, “From reaching out to investors through communication to order submission: Our platform connects users directly and enables efficient transaction management.”.

Moreover, the digital process provides investors and borrowers with numerous advantages, such as constant access to all company information. Recently, the distribution of ratings and accompanying documents to eligible investors has also become available. “Our clients actively engage with the platform,” says Steinbrich, “and that is the greatest compliment for us.”.

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