Digital Platform for Schuldscheine – LBBW and Börse Stuttgart founded DEBTVISION

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LBBW and Börse Stuttgart founded DEBTVISION

Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW) and the Börse Stuttgart have founded a digital platform for Schuldscheine. The joint subsidiary DEBTVISION will bring companies together with institutional investors and automate the marketing of Schuldscheine.

Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW) and the Börse Stuttgart have founded a digital marketplace for Schuldscheine under the name of DEBTVISION. The joint subsidiary is intended to bring capital-seeking companies with top credit ratings together directly with institutional investors. In this way, experienced companies will be able to master the entire value chain of transactions themselves — i.e. without a bank as an intermediary. Complex, paper-based processes are to be eliminated.

The issuer can manage the complete marketing himself via the user interface of the web-based platform. At the same time, the issuer always retains full transparency. Once the marketing process has been completed, DEBTVISION automatically transfers the complete transaction data to LBBW, which is the first lender and paying agent to ensure smooth processing after the transaction has been concluded. Investors will have direct access to high-quality Schuldschein transactions via the marketplace, be able to subscribe electronically and communicate directly with the issuer.

It is planned that DEBTVISION will be open to interested companies and investors throughout the market from late summer. In the future, the marketplace will also enable pure trading in Schuldschein notes, thus creating a transparent and efficient secondary market. “We are convinced that, in the long term, platform solutions will prevail over traditional business models for many standardized products,” says Rainer Neske, CEO of LBBW.

First transaction already started

„We make financing more efficient and less expensive for our customers through digitization,“ says Rainer Neske, CEO of LBBW. The platform will pass on the cost advantages to its customers. The first transaction via the new platform was recently launched: The international trading and services group BayWa exclusively markets a Schuldschein via DEBTVISION. In this way, the company hopes to gain access to a new and innovative financing option, says BayWa CFO Andreas Helber. „After numerous classic issues on the capital market, we are now choosing a digital solution for the first time in order to benefit from the efficiency gains.“

At the launch of DEBTVISION, numerous institutional investors – savings banks, banks, insurance companies and pension funds – were connected to the platform. After processing Schuldschein using blockchain technology, LBBW is taking a further step towards the complete digitization of the Schuldschein process with the digital marketplace. In the coming months, the blockchain is to be integrated into the platform and the entire value chain transferred to this innovative technology.

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